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The SICK CHEF Cooking Show! and I Love You My Little Thyroid

Genevieve Tyrrell

The SICK CHEF Cooking Show!

I had a 15 minute burst of energy enough to make the fiancé and I some chicken soup. (See cooking special below for absurdity).

Overall it’s been a gloriously ill ride the last couple of days. I had a brief burst of energy the Thursday after the ER, but I spent most of that energy doing the most basic of things like cleaning, eating, and grading creative writing papers. That said, I may have overdid it, because Friday (today) I’m wiped out again.

But that’s the way with POTS and a lot of chronic illnesses. We might have brief bursts of energy—and often we aren’t sure whether we should even use them. We don’t want to use ALL of our energy. And maybe that burst is all we’ll have for days. But then sometimes, I just embrace it and use it. I never know if I’ll have more again anytime soon, so it’s best to just get what I can get, particularly now that I’ve got the secondary virus and bronchitis with sinusitis I’m fighting.

Some of what makes the wax and wane of energy so crappy, doesn't even have anything to do with my body. It's when people see people like me have a brief burst of energy and they think we’re okay. They think, “Oh she’s fine again.” No. More often than not it is short lived.


I Love you my little Thyroid

Last night a bunch of my hair fell out in the shower in two lumps in my hand. Mind you I have the finest, thinnest hair already. Losing it makes me cringe.

It sucks, but it’s not uncommon. I have hypothyroidism and when I get really ill, sometimes that puts a strain on my thyroid to the point where I end up with clumps of hair in my hand, standing in the shower, sighing or cursing.

But I’m pregnant too, so that puts its own strain on the thyroid as well. Tests in the past month showed that my thyroid was doing well, but as with everything, I’ll have to get a follow-up test. It may be once I’m better from being sick with the virus and Bronchitis my thyroid will be fine. Or it could be now that the baby is much bigger at 5 months that I’ll need a higher dose.

That said, today I was out of my Armour thyroid.  And since Matt seemed so ill this morning, I didn’t have the heart to wake him to get it for me. Looking back, I probably should have just woken him. I felt shitty just from getting the meds. And then, after all that, I realized Dad had left me some of his spare pills in the house just for a situation like this. I'd forgotten all about them!