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Genevieve Anna Tyrrell is a visual artist and creative writer based in the Orlando area. Please reach out if you have any questions regarding her work, if you'd like to commission a piece, or if you're looking for prints.


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BLOG: Pregnant Zombie Love

A Visit from Ashley Inguanta

Genevieve Tyrrell

My friend Ashley came to visit last night. She was having an allergic reaction and didn't want to be alone. So she took some benedryl and came on over to house. Matt was at the Gator's football game.

I have disinfected a bunch of the house from when Matt and I were sick and aired out the baby room/ art studio. Washed a ton of laundry. So I put her up there for the night.

I'd have to say, having had a chronic illness I feel more empathetic to stuff like random allergy attacks. I often wonder if I'd be capable of the same level of empathy--or even sympathy-- if I hadn't been so sick most of my life. Would I be cold towards people with illness if I hadn't been so sick? I don't know.

Anyway, this morning we hung out and listened to baby lullaby music of bands like Smashing Pumpkins, The Clash, and Muse.